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2020 Favorites

Hi guys! I've been getting a ton of new followers and clients lately, so I thought it might be fun to get to know me a little bit better. This year, I've spent a lot more time consuming content (haven't we all?) and I wanted to share a few of my favorite things with you all.

Favorite TV Shows:


Back around April, Jack and I got a membership with Hulu, since we were staying in so much. We had been using Netflix and Disney +, so our catalogue of options really opened up. I saw that all 40 (!!!) seasons of Survivor were available to watch, so I started season 1.

I remembered loving the show when I was a kid, a Rupert remained one of my favorite 'reality show' personalities all these years later.

Fast forward seven months and I'm on season 18 of the show currently. I've even started to get Jack hooked on it, no matter how hard he tries to deny it. Do you guys watch Survivor? So far my favorite season has been Fans V Favorites: Micronesia. Some of my favorite players are Boston Rob, Cirie, Rupert, Parvarti, James, Yul, and Yau-Man.


Detective! Season 5 part 1 of Lucifer also dropped this year, and holy smokes and I glad Netflix picked it up. Yes, I was one of the people tweeting #savelucifer when Fox didn't pick the show back up. There is something about an anti-hero that grabs my attention more than anything else, (ahem, Boston Rob) and I think this show is just brilliant -- aside from the way-too-long character arcs in season 3. Also, the entire cast is gorgeous. I love the balance of humor and serious story-telling in this detective serious. The writer in me loves how the show takes a traditional story and turns it on its head.

The Office

My favorite comedy remains The Office. We're trying to get one last re-watch in before it leaves Netflix on December 31st.

Of course, one of my favorite episodes is Beach Games, which is Michael Scott's take on Survivor. As someone who loves dry humor and sarcasm, The Office is the perfect blend of cringy humor and feel-good moments.

Runner Ups: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Workaholics, Supernatural, and American Ninja Warrior.

In 2021, I plan on finishing Supernatural, Survivor (hehe), and The Good Place!

I'm more into TV shows than movies, but I did find myself re-watching some of my favorite movies-- Star Wars (any of them), Back to the Future, and School of Rock made a few appearances.

Favorite Books:

Crescent City: House of Blood and Earth

My favorite book of the year is Crescent City. It's an adult fantasy novel that was released this year by one of my favorite authors, and I devoured all 800 pages in a few days.

I'm a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy, and this book was one of my most anticipated of the year.

If you enjoy urban fantasy (fantasy style situations happening in our modern world), I'd highly suggest picking this up! I wouldn't suggest reading too much about the book beforehand, as the synopsis spoils a major plot twist that happens early on.

I'd recommend for fans of Carrie Bishop, Rachelle Mead, and Brandon Sanderson.

Into the Drowning Deep

Mira Grant also writes as Seanan McGuire, whom you might know if you read a lot of fantasy. This was a science fiction novel about the crew of a ship who was assembled for the purpose of exploring the Mariana's Trench. There is a film crew aboard, think a Nat Geo documentary, filming the expedition in the hopes of finding creatures that haven't been proved to exist before.

The book quickly turns toward horror as discoveries are made out on the open ocean and people start dying.

I'd recommend for fans of Stephen King, M.R. Carey, or Underworld.

Other stuff :)


I absolutely fell in love with espresso, and have been playing with making my own lattes from home. For an early Christmas gift, we upgraded our Mr. Coffee espresso machine to a Nespresso one, and it has been absolutely great -- especially for this full-time artist who works from home all day!

Bullet Journaling

Journaling isn't exactly a new favorite for me, but I've really been enjoying bullet journaling this year! Self-employment means juggling all the different hats a small company would typically hire different people for, and it can be overwhelming. I've been enjoying making different spreads and making sure I am being as efficient as I can!

Steam Games

I've never really been into video games. I bought a PS4 a few years ago and sold it -- I felt like there weren't enough options in the storytelling of the games and I cannot stand using a controller. I still have my Nintendo DS (lol) which was about as gamey as I got-- Animal Crossing was always my fav. But, when my husband and I were trying to figure out how to spend our extended free-time this year, we started playing co-op strategy games together on our pcs, and I really enjoyed it! My favorite game I've found so far to play by myself has been Slime Rancher.

Those are just a few of my favorite things from this past year! What have you guys been enjoying doing? Any books or shows you'd recommend?

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