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2020 In Review...

Well, 2020 was definitely unforgettable. There have been some highs and some lows, but so is life. We've all been navigating the best we can, even if it feels like we're all ships lost at sea, trying our best to follow the light back home.

I know for me personally, this year has been oscillating back and forth between manageable and all-consuming. I'm usually someone who looks on the bright side of things, so let's look at the highs. We were able to shoot twelve weddings for you guys -- we found small ways to celebrate love and we laughed together (even if it was behind a mask).

Overall, we shot 1 couples session, 11 engagement sessions, 12 family sessions, 3 maternity sessions, 8 senior sessions, and countless mini sessions. Plus a few that don't exactly fit into any category. The majority of those sessions happened between July and December, and I just want to thank you all so much for supporting my small business in the middle of one of the most stressful years in recent memory.

I've shot at so many new and amazing locations this year, and would have had some more had we not had a virus rip through and change things. I'm going to share just a few of my favorite locations here!

Professionally, this has been the best year for me. I've finally found my style, my niche, and have worked with the coolest people. I've had to hurdle our biggest challenge yet, wedding photographer during a pandemic, and we successfully made it through.

Personally, the year has been all over the place. But in June, I got to say 'I Do' (yes, I'm right there with my 2020 brides!). One of our best friends got ordained for us, and read our vows out of a Dungeons and Dragons handbook. Yes, I am a nerd. Yes, I am aware. ;) If you don't know much about me outside of my job, let me introduce myself. I'm 23, I'm passionate about fantasy novels, Return of the Jedi is one of my top five favorite movies, and I freaking love soft pretzels.

When this year started, none of us knew how it would go. But, the extra time at home has allowed me to put a lot of energy into creative projects that don't include photography, and I hope to have some exciting announcements coming in 2021. I also hope to finally have my wedding reception (fingers crossed for all of us).

I am so ready to say goodbye to 2020 and look toward the future. Thank you all for a great year and for your unending support. Thank you for voting us Best of The Best 2020 as well! Like I said, highs and lows. <3

What are some of your goals and plans going into 2021? I'd love to know!

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